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Wetbag with reusable wipeaway cloths


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Made to the highest quality:

  • 100% Soft Cotton Towelling
  • Waterproof Bag
  • 5 Different Bag Colours
  • 6 Vibrant Towel Colours
  • 10 Wipes per Bag
  • Made in Guernsey

In stock

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Product Description

Our wetbag bundle is the perfect friendly product to use instead of baby wipes while out and about to clean up mucky hands, faces, knees and any grazes from trips and falls.

The wetbag holds 10 Wipes which fit nicely into your baby changing bag,  Single zipped top, which opens up to reveal two compartments, one for clean and the other for dirty cloths. The bag can be wiped out or washed if necessary after use.

Perfect for trips out to the beach and park.

  • Wetbag: 20cm wide x 22cm high

  • 10 100% cotton towel wipes of your choice measuring 15cm x 15cm

NOTE: we do not recommend putting very wet wipes into your bag, but give them a good squeeze out before putting them in the bag, and they will work perfectly.

All of our clothing fabrics are sent direct from our suppliers to us and is then made in store, this means the carbon footprint is very low for all of our products.




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